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Apply NOW!

Nov. 1st: Application Opens! Washington Builders Winter/Spring Semester 2017

Do you dream of being your own boss? Do you have ideas that could change the world? We are looking for our next cohort of Washington Builders for the Winter/Spring Academic Semester of 2017. High school students with a particularly strong fire to build something great and create positive change through entrepreneurship in their community should apply. The application process:

1. Complete Builders Profile 10 (BP10), a report that provides an individualized developmental profile around your strengths as an entrepreneur.

2. Submit online application that includes three short response essays.

3. All semifinalists will be notified for an in-person interview.

About the program: Washington Builders is a semester internship every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2-5pm at The Strengths Lab, 901 F Street NW, Washington DC 20004. The internship is paid based on the students’ performance and the profitability of their business. Upon completion, students receive a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership and are eligible for college scholarships.

What to expect: -Begin on your entrepreneurial journey with other students from across DC

  1. -Design and sell your own product -Discover and develop your strengths as a student, entrepreneur, and leader
  2. -Build a network of advisors and mentors within the DC business community
  3. -Be confident in your school and work compass
  4. -Create a business plan that contributes to your community