Directing Student Strengths Towards Entrepreneurial Goals

Built for…

any group of 14-24 year old students looking to gain exposure to entrepreneurship and self-awareness to direct their natural talent towards achieving their startup and career goals.



Each student receives:
  • BP10: personalized developmental report on their strengths in contribution to start-up and work.
  • Introduction to a strengths- based view of self and others.

    Inspirational message from local or relevant entrepreneur.

    Overview of the ten demands (talents) of a start-up and how they manifest in behavior.

    Experiential activity (such as pitch competition or build a prototype challenge) to exhibit strengths in action.

    Student-led strengths debrief with peer-to-peer feedback.


Program Format:

Minimum 1 hour Maximum 5 day
1 hour: Spark curiosity, inspire, begin mindshi from wrong
to strong with self and peers, experiential and challenge based practice in entrepreneurship.
5 day: Outcome oriented, develop community solutions, deep team relationships, lifelong strengths outlook, presentation, strong articulation of self towards future.
The Strengths Lab instructors deliver this course at your location.
Please contact if you are interested or for any additional group pricing