We are currently looking for Summer 2018 Lincoln Builders! The internship will run from June 4 through June 29. Students meet at The College of Business at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Monday-Friday 9am-3pm.

Builders design products around their “why”, receive coaching from local entrepreneurs, and earn a contribution to your 529 college fund– all while learning the steps of a start-up by bringing a business of their own to life! This experience is entirely free of charge to Lincoln students thanks to the generous support of our community partners.


If you have already registered for the bootcamp or pitch competition, you do not need to register again.

Future Builder Challenge Inspiration Rally
6pm— March 12, 2018
Nebraska Innovation Campus, 2021 Transformation Dr.
Gallup Bootcamp
Day 1: April 7th, 1-4pm at Howard Hawks Hall, 730 N. 14th Street
Day 2: April 9th, 9am-noon at Nebraska Innovation Campus, 2021 Transformation Dr.
Spreetail Pitch Competition
Coaching: April 9th, 1-5pm
Competition: April 9th, 5-8pm
Nebraska Innovation Campus, 2021 Transformation Dr.


The Builders is an intensive training program designed to teach ambitious 14-24 year olds what they don’t learn in school, so that they can achieve their greatest dreams. Based on the idea that the best way to learn is to experience, students are challenged to start their own product-based business and make profit in less than four weeks. From learning how to conduct market research, to improving their sales techniques, Builders gain the skills fundamental to becoming their own future business owners and industry leaders. Students leave the program as business owners and with the skills and connections necessary to win in the modern world. Applicants are selected based on entrepreneurial talent and drive and are encouraged to apply no matter what corner of the globe they live in. Upon successful completion, students graduate with a Builders Accelerator Certificate and are inducted into a lifetime global network of Builders.

Builder - ‘bildEr/ noun

Person who has a natural gift to create economic energy and social impact where none existed before.

Know Your Strengths

Build a Team

Start a Business

Own Your Future


Q: Do I have to apply online at www.thestrengthslab.org for the chance to win a spot in the summer internship, even if I’m already registered for the rally or bootcamp?
A: Yes, to be a candidate for the summer experience, you must have completed the online application. This application can be found on The Strengths Lab website -> Apply -> Lincoln Builders.
Q: What is the four week summer internship?
A: The four week summer experience is an internship in entrepreneurship run through The Strengths Lab. Students practice the steps of a startup by taking out a loan from The Strengths Lab to launch an apparel business around community problems and pain points. Students earn a Builder certificate co-signed by Gallup and The Strengths Lab for their successful completion of the program.
Q: I noticed tuition listed on another part of the website for the internship. Do I have to pay?
A: No. Thanks to generous donors and the Lincoln Public Schools Foundation, this experience is free of charge for all students selected for The Strengths Lab Builders Internship. These community donors have covered all tuition costs.
Q: Should I attend the rally, bootcamp, and pitch competition if I can’t participate in the summer internship?
A: Absolutely. The events leading up to the summer program will connect you with local business leaders and entrepreneurs, give you challenges to put your entrepreneurial skills to the test, and bring you together with like-minded, like-talented peers!

Q: Should I apply for the summer internship if I might have a conflict?

A: We encourage you to apply for the summer Builder internship experience, even if you’re not 100% sure you’ll be able to make it. If you’re selected and you can’t make it this summer, we’ve allowed students in the past to defer their acceptance.